Studio Equipment

Equipment of the Pilates & Harmony Studio is of the highest quality from the Balanced Body company and enables various training programs for clients of all ages, various physical abilities and health limitations. On each machine you can find only a few of the possible ways of use, each piece of equipment has many ways of use. The pilates exercises are possible to perform on each type of a machine but the way they are performed is slightly different on each machine and most of all a different difficulty.

  • Reformer:a basic piece of equipment to perform pilates exercises with a multifunction  use, perfect for example for legs straightening, releasing of the whole spine. Both for the complete beginners and for the most advanced clients.
  • Wall Tower:excellent for stretching the whole spine, legs and arms functioning coordination, various training exercises.
  • Combo Chair:great for legs straightening (higher difficulty than on the reformer), work out of the whole body, spine stretching.
  • Armchair:this armchair is great for all problems with shoulders, neck, blade-bones, back, breathing problems.
  • Ped-I-Pull:valuable tool for the spine scoliosis, balance problems, breathing problems, improvement of feet step pressure. It give a great feedback on what is happening with the spine.
  • Ladder Barrel:a great tool for legs stretching, belly work out and increase of spine flexibility.
  • Contour Step Barrel:a perfect tool for spine spreading and straightening, strengthening of all abdominal muscles.
  • Baby Arc:similar to Contour Step Barrel, used for beginners. Excellent for shoulder and low-back activation.
  • Core band:easy and smart tool to practise the right shoulder posture.
  • Magic Circle:suitable for strengthening of arms, legs, lower belly and pelvis. It is used also to make exercises on other machines more difficult.
  • Foot Corrector a Joe´s Toes Gizmo:excellent tools for feet muscle training, reducing haluxes, removal of flat feet.
  • Sand Bag:another smart tool, suitable for shoulder, elbow and wrist problems removal, problems with carpal tunnel prevention, for people who work with their arms raised forward (drivers, hair dressers), weak shoulders.
  • Rotator Discs:to release the lower back, balance improvement.
  • Rollers:additional tool particularly to improve body balance but also to work out