About Me

About me

Eva Znamenackova – owner of the studio Pilates & Harmony and pilates instructor

Due to the fact that I was working on a managerial position for 18 years and I used my body only to fulfill my carrier ambitions, at a certain age my body started telling me no. It was just a coincidence that I started to do pilates exercises that has influenced my health so much that eventually I decided to radically change my life, quit my managerial career in HR and started a completely different life. Since the time I started with pilates exercises, I have not had any spring or autumn flu, do not need any pills, I wake up in the morning with no pain in my body and am full of energy for the whole day of work with my clients. My own experience with pilates exercising helps me the most while working with clients. It has influenced my health and my approach to life. And I am glad to share my experience with my clients.

I completed a two year course of pilates exercise performed on machines and a mat in the Simply Pilates Studio of Jiří Janeček. Few years after finishing the course I was coming to this Studio to get further education and expand my training knowledge for special groups of clients – with health problems, pregnant women, mums after birth giving etc. 

In the year 2016 I have passed training Yamuna Foot Fitness, which is focused on correction of feet – improvement of the fallen arches, bunion or hammer toes, flexibility of the whole soles and strengthening of ankles.

Since the year 2017 I attend education in IQ Academy, where I am improving my understanding of the basic principles how the human body works and implement it in my work with clients.

During the workout with clients I use the strengths that I obtained during my career in HR: putting myself in the place of the client, recognizing his/her needs and motivation, adjusting my work to the type of the client and flexible work with the client according to his/her current situation.

Reached education:

  • Simply Pilates – 2-years course for pilates instructors (MAT, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Armchair, Pad-o-Pull, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Circle), final exams, 2013-2015
  • Wellnes.cz – Pilates Instructor , final exams, 2014
  • Yamuna – Foot Fitness, London, 2016
  • IQ Academy – Axial system, upper upper limb, lower limb, 2017
  • IQ Academy – Pregnant and after birth giving , 2018
  • IQ Academy – Principles of core stabilization and strengthening Core, 2018
  • IQ Academy – Core – exercises, 2018
  • IQ Academy – Soles and feet, 2018
  • IQ Academy –  Pelvic floor, 2018
  • IQ Academy – Core, breath and diastaza, 2018
  • IQ Academy – Basic muscle chains 2018