Price List

Price list

Valid since 1.4.2018

Individual pilates classes:

Price of one class                                                        990 CZK


10 classes                                                                 9 400  CZK

20 classes                                                               17 600 CZK

Duet pilates classes:

Price of one class                                                    470  CZK


10 classes                                                                4 500 CZK

20 classes                                                                8 400 CZK

The price is for one client.

The Duet package applies only if the two people have agreed on it in advance.

If one client does not come, the class will be changed into an individual one and the price will be changed according to the price of a relevant package of individual classes.

Individual classes for the feet correction:

Price of one class                                                                                     990 CZK


10 classes                                                                                                9 400 CZK

20 classes                                                                                             17 600 CZK

It is possible to apply various types of individual classes from one package (i.e. pilates or feet correction).

Group classes for healthy feet:

Price of one class                                                                                  300 CZK


10 classes                                                                                             2 700 CZK

20 classes                                                                                             5 000 CZK

The price is for one client.

Minimum of 3, maximum of 6 participants

About packages

Do you find the package of 20 classes too big? Are you afraid that you will not manage to come to complete that many classes? It does not matter, your family members or friends can join you –  because  all packages are valid for 6 months and are possible to be used within family members or a group of friends.

We celebrate Your birthday with you

You will get one class for free during the week of Your birthday.


Reward for recommendation of a new client

We will be pleased, if you are satisfied with the service of our Studio, if you recommend us to your friends – you will get one class for free from us, if the client recommended by you will come to at least 5 classes.